Monday, August 1, 2011

Cross-Cultural Workshop Schedule for SY 2013-14

Part of the Cordell Hull Foundation's responsibility to the State Department as J-1 visa sponsor is providing pre-arrival info to new teachers plus training on J-1 visa regulations and cultural adjustment.

This coming fall, I will moderate a series of cross-cultural workshops in New York, in the South, in California and Oregon aided by guest principals, teachers, videos and interactive video quizzes.

All of the written materials for these workshops may be accessed in my book, J1 Visa Uncloaked--Complete Cultural Training Guide, available through, translated into six languages.

You may refer to The Cordell Hull Foundation New Program Guide on which details the easy steps that a school, state or district follow to become a partner in sponsoring J-1 visas for international teachers to work in US primary or secondary schools.  Participation in the yearly CHF "equilibration sessions" is for exchange teachers and school principals and Education Consuls from foreign governments, in small groups of 30 maximum.

We are grateful for the valuable participation and input of numerous talented, experienced, knowledgeable educators to the Cordell Hull Foundation's Cultural Orientation workshops each year.  In 2011, Tom Gilbert, a British CHF Exchange Teacher from Bath, England, designed a new interactive PowerPoint session on Culture Shock, including 5 animations depicting each step--Honeymoon, Rejection, Adjustment, Biculturalism, and Reverse--that were enormously popular.  In 2012, we produced a 45-minute presentation with Tom expressing his unique take on how foreign-national teachers can cope with cultural adjustments that can be more of a strain than expected when they first arrive in the US and find it different from just visiting.

Tom shares, "Like many people, I suspect, when I was told of the stages of culture shock I was convinced it wouldn’t happen to me.   The whole thing sounded way to simplistic, surely an intelligent person’s reactions to a new culture couldn’t be so easily codified?"
 He really believed he would not be affected by culture shock.  But he went through every phase like clockwork.  He says that
"Culture Shock is a documented phenomenon.
Accept it, plan for it, but don't believe you can avoid it."

Marianne Mason, President, Cordell Hull Foundation for International Education



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